Which grind is best for your coffee maker?

coffee grind size chart
How you grind your coffee influence the final brew. Over grinding or not grinding enough can ruin the taste of coffee. Freshly ground coffee bean is required to make bold and rich taste coffee. So it is important to understand the right coffee grind size for different brewing method.

Low cost grinders usually doesn't have coarseness settings, so you have to experiment on how long to let your machine grind to get the proper coarseness.

To make it easier to understand just how fine is extra fine, or any other question related to coffee grind size? These comparisons might assist you to adjust your coffee grinder a little much better:

Coffee Grinding Size Chart

image grind size
extra coarse

Best for: Cold brew

The extra coarse grounds need a longer extraction time, and cold brew usually steeps for 12 hours

Best for: french press coffee, cupping, or a standard percolator

On average, french press coffee takes about 4 minutes, which, while marginally shorter than cold brew, is still on the longer end of the brewing scale.
medium coarse

Best for: Chemex, clever dripper, or cafe solo brewers do best with medium-coarse grounds.

Best for: drip coffee.
medium fine

Best for: Cone-shaped pour over brews, siphon coffee, and flat bottom drip machines.

Best for: espresso coffee maker
super fine

Best for: Turkish coffee