How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Coffee Grinder

Entire bean coffee stays fresh longer than ground and produces a a lot more flavorful cup, however it should be ground prior to brewing. Typically an electric coffee grinder makes brief work of this task, but if you are inside a circumstance exactly where a coffee grinder -- or the electricity to operate it -- is not available or convenient, you can improvise.
How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Coffee Grinder

With Electricity

If have access to electricity, you can grind coffee beans using other household appliances.
  • Household blender. Blade grinders operate on the same principle as a household blender. They have sharp metal blades that spin, breaking up the beans. This means that you can use your blender as a coffee grinder. You may need to grind far more beans than you'd in your grinder due to the fact the blender jar is bigger than the bowl of a standard coffee grinder. The larger container permits the beans to fly out from the way on the blades. Adding extra coffee for the blender forces the beans to stay lower, near the blades.
  • Food processor. A food processor breaks up coffee beans just like a blender, except that it might only achieve a large, coarse grind. Coffee ground in a food processor will work in a French press but will not enable a drip coffee maker to extract as much flavor since it could otherwise.
Put the extra ground coffee in an airtight container and use it inside 24 hours.

Without Electricity

In the event the power is out or you might be in an area without access to electricity, you can grind coffee beans by hand.
  • Before there was such a issue as electrically powered appliances, people ground coffee the old-fashioned way. They pulverized the beans amongst two rocks, which eventually evolved in to the mortar and pestle. You can do precisely the same at home. The process is time and labor intensive, but you can achieve an extremely fine grind.
  • In case you do not possess a mortar and pestle, improvise. Put your coffee beans inside a bag that may withstand some pounding and beat them having a hammer or a large rock. Chances are you may not be capable of beat the beans into a fine powder this way, but you should be capable of crush them sufficient to brew a cup of French press coffee.

Match the Grind towards the Brewing Method

One essential to a great cup of coffee is grinding the beans appropriately for the type of brew you desire. Choose your improvised grinding method based on the type of coffee you want to brew.
  • French press systems need a coarse grind. Anything finer will sift by means of the filter and find yourself inside your cup.
  • Drip brewers can deal with a wide range of medium grinds.
  • Espresso machines need a powdery fine grind.
When making use of a blender, food processor or hammer to grind coffee, stick to drip brew or French press. These methods can not crush the beans finely sufficient to brew espresso.

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