Baratza Encore vs. Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore vs. Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Baratza is knowned for high quality coffee grinder. And Baratza Encore and Virtuoso is most searching for among coffee grinder buyer. Both coffee grinder provide similar stats and performance. If you are looking ideal coffee grinder for your personal taste of coffee, both encore or virtuoso are great item. Its hard to know which is better between encore and virtuoso. Even when you dig deeper, you’ll find tiny factor that separate them.

Lets find out which grinder that have better performance and flavor consistency?

Baratza Encore vs Vituoso Comparison

To help you discover which one will fill your personal need of grinding and brewing method. Lets compare the quality, grinding performance, and special feature between encore and virtuoso.

Barata Encore
Barata Virtuoso
Home Use yes yes
Daily Max. Grind Capacity 1 kg 1 kg
Hopper Capacity ~230g ~230g
Grind Range 250-1200 microns 250-1200 microns
Fines (Course Grind Setting) More Less
Grind Speed (per 12g) 15 seconds 8 seconds
Burr Size 40mm conical burrs 40mm conical burrs
Price $$ $$$
Build Materials Plastic Plastic/Stainless Steel
Weight 7 kg 8 kg
Extra Features N/A Built-in 60 sec timer

Grind Speed

Baratza Encore has grind speed .8 to 1.1 g/sec, while the Virtuoso is a bit faster at 1.5 to 2.4 g/sec.

If you are not in rush, this grind speed is not significant and noticeable to consider. But if you need to make multiple cup of coffee at a time, Baratza Virtuoso has better grind speed than Encore.

Grind Settings

Both the Baratza Encore and Virtuoso feature the same 40-setting grind control, let you choose a wide range of different coarseness. For example, a number 30 on grind scale will produce very coarse grinds, while a 10 on grind scale will give you a finer powder more suited to an espresso.

While the settings are exactly the same on both products, difference between the two are noticeable.

Grind Angle

Both Baratza Encore and Baratza Virtuoso have same inner burr, but virtuoso have slightly higher quality burr grinder than encore.

Baratza Virtuoso produced noticeably finer grounds than the less-expensive Encore grinder, even when the settings on the two devices were set to equal numbers.

If you are looking to control over coarseness of your coffee ground, then virtuoso is better choice than encore.

Hopper Capacity

Both the Baratza Virtuoso and Baratza Encore feature 8 oz. hopper capacities. This is enough for home use, unless you have full home filled with coffee addict.

If you looking for coffee grinder with higher hopper capacities, then you need commercial coffee grinder. Check it out! 

Other Features

The Baratza Virtuoso features a built-in 60-second timer on the side of the device, let you set and forget, making it more ideal for multi-cup grinds. While Baratza Encore, you needs to be manually toggled the on/off switch button. Also, the Virtuoso’s “pulse” button allows for a finer degree of manual control over the grind.


Baratza Encore is an entry-level grinder. It has basic design and basic grinder setting. It is good product if you are new to homemade grinding system. The Baratza Encore is easy to use and inexpensive.

If you are looking more advance coffee grinder, you better consider Baratza Virtuoso. It have more option and setting for coffee customization. It perfect for people who beginner to expert on the home brewer scale.

Both Encore and Virtuoso are great product from Baratza line and will help your grinding coffee job done.

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