Baratza Encore vs. Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Baratza can be a brand recognized for good quality coffee grinders and they've several items accessible. The two we’ll be hunting at these days will be the Encore and Virtuoso. What tends to make this assessment hard is the fact that, around the surface, each grinders provide similar stats and degree of performance. Even when you dig deeper, you'll find only a number of tiny factors right here and there that separate them.

If you are hunting to get that ideal grind, to genuinely increase the taste of your coffee, then let’s be clear correct now: each of those are fantastic items. This can be a greater to best comparison. Nevertheless, one particular item just slightly edges out the other with regards to performance and flavor consistency. Let’s get down to it, which grinder is excellent for you?

Who Requirements These?

Prior to receiving in to the grinders themselves, let’s speak about who requirements a Barata. If you are fine with typical old coffee grounds, if you just like coffee trigger it provides you a caffeine enhance and that is it, then you most likely do not require a grinder. These machines are for individuals who do not just get pleasure from the flavor of coffee, but take pleasure in its versatility and understand that perfecting the grind is essential to acquiring the most effective cup of Java.

If you need to make your personal espresso or coarse French grind or any other coffee drink and you can not stand pre-ground beans, then you require a grinder. They may be completely vital if you want your coffee to taste a specific way, or if you really feel like getting genuinely adventurous with your morning drink.

Barata Encore

Barata Encore

baratza encore vs virtuosoThis grinder is feature-rich, virtually as wealthy because the coffee it produces. It comes having a super potent DC motor that permits you to grind coffee between 250 and 1200 microns. With 40 various settings, you will have totally no issue receiving the ideal size grind from your tastes.

The plastic hopper on leading holds eight ounces of beans, which must be lots for you and a single or two other individuals, so go on and take pleasure in your coffee. The motor is held inside a sturdy plastic gearbox, and there’s an easy on/off switch for you to handle grinding. Grinding speed is about 0.eight to 1.1g per second, which can be quick compared to other grinders, but not fairly as excellent because the Virtuoso.

The gears themselves are produced from thermo-plastic, which offers you the surprising advantage of noise reduction. Compared to most other grinders, the Encore is relatively quiet. These components are also quite sturdy, which means you will have no difficulty grinding coffee day soon after day for a lot of years. Normally, this can be a excellent grinder with each of the attributes you would need to have.

You can typically uncover this grinder for about $180 to $230, producing it the much less inexpensive in the two.


  • 40 settings, permitting you to grind between 250-1200 microns
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Hopper is created from tinted ABS plastic, which protects the beans from sunlight that could diminish the coffee’s flavor


  • Grind consistency is not really as excellent because the Virtuoso
  • Grind speed is about half that in the Virtuoso at 0.8-1.1g/second

Barata Virtuoso

Barata Virtuoso

greatest baratza coffee grinderThe Virtuoso is quite similar towards the Encore, towards the point exactly where we've got to genuinely get nit-picky to begin selecting differences between them. This grinder has an 8-ounce hopper with 40mm conical burrs that provide a consistent grind every time.

This unit, significantly just like the Encore, has 40 grind settings and may grind coffee between 250 to 1200 microns. Apart from the diverse within the burrs, the main distinction is the fact that the Virtuoso has slightly far better controls. Together with the Encore, you can only decide on the setting and that is it. The Virtuoso makes it possible for you to select how extended the grind goes for (as much as 60 seconds) and there’s a pulse button in order that you can pulse the grind till they may be best, regardless of whether it be a coarse French press or fine espresso grind.

The grind speed is actually a quite impressive 1.5-2.4g per second. You also get precisely the same tinted ABS plastic hopper that protects against sunlight. The Virtuoso is virtually identical towards the Encore, it just offers slightly a lot more handle with far better grinding speed.


  • Gives 40 grind settings together with a timer along with a pulse buttonProvides remarkable grind speed at 1.5-2.4g/second
  • Offers you constant grinding every time


  • Far more high-priced than the Encore
  • Operating is slightly far more complicated than the Encore, which means that it might not be appropriate for amateurs

Which One particular is Correct for You?

As stated above, this can be a far better to best comparison, so it is tough to declare a clear winner. Each of them suit distinct customers, however they provide similar levels of top quality. They each have 40 grind settings, excellent grinding speeds (although the Virtuoso is considerably more rapidly), a sizable hopper with tinted plastic and grind between 250 to 1200 microns.

But, you will find some differences between them. The Virtuoso would be the winner with regards to performance. It has stronger burrs, supplies a much more consistent grind as well as the pulse button could possibly be noticed as crucial to massive coffee lovers who want factors to become just proper. The timer also permits you to set your grinding for the quite second, which guarantees you get the identical grind every time.

Nonetheless, the Encore has numerous from the very same attributes and similar levels of performance, but it is much less costly. Not just that, however the Encore can be a tiny simpler to work with since it has much less functions.

So, if you are an skilled coffee nut and require factors to become ideal, get the Virtuoso. If this can be your 1st foray into coffee grinding and you want some thing cost-effective and straightforward to make use of, then the Encore is perfect.