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How to Become an Indy 500 Race Car Driver

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The Indianapolis 500, sometimes known as the Indy 500, is one of the most prestigious car races in the world. Only a few aspiring race car drivers get the chance to participate in this grand auto racing event. However, a lot of young people dream of competing in the Indy 500. All those who want to be Indy 500 racer have to take a few steps first. 

How to Become an Indy 500 Race Car Driver

Buy a go kart and race at a local track. To develop their racing skills, many young indy car drivers start racing in go-karts.

Think about racing quarter-midgets or midgets. This is usually a stepping stone for drivers aspiring to race in the Indy Car Series. It's difficult, but it teaches car control, which is important in any type of racing. Racing midgets, quarter midgets, and even sprint cars require funding. Open-wheel, customized race cars also compete on asphalt.

Seek guidance from seasoned drivers, mechanics, and crew members. These seasoned racers surely overcame obstacles on their way up and could teach you valuable lessons.

Learn the race car's mechanical specs, such as the engine and chassis. Understanding the mechanics and technology of a race car demonstrates a thorough understanding of the sport. 

Attend races at several tracks to learn more about racing. This marks your territory. Meet other drivers, technicians, crew, and track owners. Make contacts in the racing industry.

Look for a racing school. Indycar racing schools include the Indy Racing Experience and the Mario Andretti Racing Experience. Racing schools offer additional track time with skilled instructors. Many successful drivers have gone to racing school.

Race as much as you can, even in go karts. More races means more track time, which might be priceless. Aim to finish the race intact. A top race car owner is more likely to summon a driver who takes care of the car.


Avoid crashing. While certain accidents are unavoidable, avoiding them earns you respect from your peers.


Few drivers achieve the level of racing in the Indy 500, so set reasonable goals.

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