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How To Start Your Toyota Prius With a Dead Key Fob

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A dead key fob won't stop you from entering or starting a modern car. Here's how to open and start the Toyota Prius with a dead key fob.

Modern cars can be unlocked and started even if the key fob is dead. Automakers use many strategies to prevent battery failures from leaving you stranded. The methods vary by automaker, but unlocking and starting a Toyota is the same. We shall use the Prius as an example.

Unlock Your Prius With a Dead Key Fob.

First, take a good look at your key fob. There should be a side button. Press the button and then pull on the key fob as instructed. Magically unveil a metal key. The key is then inserted into the driver's door lock and turned to open the door.

Start Your Prius With a Dead Key Fob.

The start button is activated by holding the dead key fob close to it. Then you can start the vehicle by pressing the start button. If this doesn't work, hold the fob near the start button for a few seconds before pushing it. This should work.

Get That Key Fob with a New Battery

You can change the battery in your key fob. The plastic cover can be removed using a secret key. Keep your old battery. Take it with you when you buy a replacement button battery. Most pharmacies, home improvement, hardware, and similar retailers stock them. Your previous button battery's type is printed on it. Don't put them in your garbage or retail recycling bins.