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How to Shape a Beard and Create Beard Styles

How To Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape – The complete guide!

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For any man who wears a beard, those facial hairs may be prone to wildness as the one who wears it. Sure, any bearded man will project the look of power but if it is not tamed and shaped well, he may appear as chaotic as his beard. It is a must for every man who grows facial hair to learn how to shape a beard and also create beard styles.

Whether it is a new beard you’re growing, or you have been growing facial hair and you’re simply finding out some tips on how to keep it neat, finding the style that suits you best will give you that boost of confidence and add points to good looks as well. The styling and trimming technique, though, will vary depending on the length and the way your beard grows.

Preparing for Beard Trimming

Before anything else, you must start with the right essentials, so here is a list of the tools you need for trimming and shaping your beard:

  • Mirror (best if you can get one that allows you to see yourself from different angles)
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Barber scissors, clipper or a beard trimmer
  • Safety razor
  • Shaving gel

After preparing the necessary tools, next is to get your beard ready for trimming. So start by cleaning those facial hairs completely. Use the tooth comb to work through its full length and thickness and to also lead your entire beard to the same direction of the hair growth.

How to Shape Your Beard

Trimming the Beard

A long, full beard has a slightly different trimming style than the short one. You may need to have a longer setting time in order to let the tool run over the beard and keep it at its needed length. Use your beard scissors and the tooth comb for proper trimming. Follow these steps to trim and shape a long beard:

  1. Neatly comb the hair following the direction of the hair growth
  2. Using the barber scissors or the beard trimmer, snip off the wild hairs that simply won’t go along the same direction of the rest of the hair and normally stick out of the beard.
  3. Now that you have the beard properly lying down, comb a small portion of hair on the side of the beard just below the ear so that a small portion of hair protrudes the teeth of the comb.
  4. Using the barber’s scissors, trim the hair that shows through the teeth (the comb’s teeth will serve as your guide in snipping off hair)
  5. Continue with this process all the way to the center of the beard
  6. Work your down on the other side of the head and do the same thing.
  7. Make sure that you trim the same amount and length of hair all throughout.
  8. After trimming the beard, comb it again to remove any stray hairs you may have missed. This ensures that all of the hair is trimmed evenly

Shaping the Sideburn

If you are sporting a full beard, you must figure out your sideburns, or that part where the hair on your head ends and where your beard begins. Do not fail to disregard this as just let hair around your ears to grow long. Just take out a small amount of hair until you reach a taper that is to your liking.

Shaping Beard on the Neckline

Some men intend to go for a natural look, thus the reason for growing a beard. Yet, the caveman look with full beard extending towards the neck does not look good. If you draw the neckline a little high can also make you appear over groomed and unnatural. In general, a good neckline is one that naturally extends down from the curve of the ears. Between the neck and the head, beard hair must be trimmed about 1 to 1.5 inches above the Adam’s apple.

Shaping the Hair around the Lip Area

While you’re shaping your beard, don’t forget to trim the hair around your lips including the moustache. Make sure that the moustache does not go over the upper lip. Rounded scissors are best used to trim it.

Doing the Finishing Touches

This time you will need to do some finishing touches on your newly trimmed beard. To give it a cleaner look, the surrounding stubbles and the edge part of the beard must be cleaned. You will need your safety razor and some shaving gel or cream, and be guided by these simple steps:

  1. Apply a damp towel to your face to relax the whiskers and make it easy to trim.
  2. Apply shaving gel or cream on the areas where you think must be shaved.
  3. Using the razor, carefully shave the areas that you want to be hair-free particularly on the cheeks and neck.
  4. Outline the beard using the razor still, and just be cautious not to accidentally cut the hair on the beard.
  5. Put soothing shaving lotion after shaving and comb once more.

Beard Styles

Finding the Best Beard Style

Your beard style will rely heavily on the shape of your face. One basic principle must be considered: your beard and your jaw must complement each other in order to achieve an optimal oval shape. If you have a round or square jaw, create a fuller beard at the bottom to extend the face. If you have an oval or rectangular-shaped face, have more hair on the sides and decrease the length of hair on the chin.

A man with neat-looking beard can look hot with those facial hairs, but it should not cover the rest of the face. It is an art to learn how to shape a beard and create a beard style. It needs some discipline and a lot of creativity. Just don’t be scared to make a mistake on shaping your beard, it grows back anyway. But it will be a whole lot better if you do it right the first time to keep from having to grow your beard again for another 4 weeks or so.