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In the past, whenever a person saw a man with a full grown beard, they would immediately think about the brusque and macho men they saw in movies and print ads. Having a beard is a sign of masculinity and many are reluctant to trim or remove them despite public perceptions of full and untrimmed beards.

However, with the requirements of work, school and social events; men are forced to remove or at least trim their beards to be more acceptable and orderly. In recent years, new styles of beard management have been introduced, enticing men to learn how to do it in their own homes with their personal beard trimmer.

However, with the increasing variety of beard trimmers on the market and the features they all boast, it can be very difficult to select which beard trimmer is worth your money. It is not prudent to purchase just any beard trimmer because not all beard trimmers conform to one’s face or what they require. This website will help you select the best beard trimmer that fits your daily needs.

To start off, what are the things you need to look for in a good beard trimmer which may not be in other beard trimmers?

What to look for in a good beard trimmer?

There are at least six major factors that one should look into for a good beard trimmer.

  • Price: Beard trimmers should not be worth more than a shaver, and must be very affordable.
  • Blade Precision: Not all beard trimmers share the same blade, as some trimmers are designed for a specific length of beard while others are multifunctional.
  • Attachments: Like other devices, getting models with attachments are a plus because it means you can use your device for other things.
  • Ease of Use: If you want a device that is worth every penny, the item must be very easy to use and not too heavy.
  • Battery Life: Most compact trimmers or shavers are powered by batteries, but there are also those that you can use with electric plugs. If you want one that you can take anywhere, check how long the batteries will last.
  • Maintenance: Most men prefer quick maintenance so check if the trimmer allows you to clean it with just running water.

How to choose the best beard trimmer?

When you are done selecting the criteria for your perfect beard trimmer, it is now time for you to choose the best beard trimmer of them all. Not all beard trimmers are the same and you should always take into consideration the crucial aspects you want in a beard trimmer.

Here are some of the questions you can ask when choosing the best beard trimmer. If all of the answers for these questions are all yes, you have found your perfect match!

  • Cutting performance: Check the reviews and see how well it can cut!
  • Trimming performance: Does it cut accurately as based on your cutting settings?
  • Cutting length: Can the beard trimmer adjust its cutting length settings depending on your beard’s state.
  • Detailed trimming: Does it trim without uneven edges?
  • Adjustable settings: Can you adjust the settings of your beard trimmer?
  • Waterproof: Can you clean it easily with just running water?
  • Usage: Can you use this without cords or do you need cords?
  • Battery Type: If this is cordless, what type of batteries do you need?
  • Extra additions: What is included in your package? Does it include a maintenance kit or additions?

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