How to Identify the Front and Back of a Canoe

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For those of you who are adventurous and like activities in the wild, then canoeing is the right sport for you. You can fish in canoes, which maneuver in shallow water where motorboats cannot.

Canoeing is the same as any other small boat. Perhaps the problem that many people face is confused about how to identify the front and back of the canoe because they look the same.

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How to tell front and back of a canoe

The front of the canoe is called the "bow" and the rear is called the "stern". The many features on the canoe can help you determine which end is which.

Observe the end of the canoe. Notice which ends forms the narrow ends. The front or bow of the canoe is closer to the back, as the canoe cuts through the water as you paddle. The rear still forms a point but wider to stabilize the canoe as it turns.

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Pay attention to the seating arrangement in the canoe. Pay attention to which chair allows the legroom in front of the chair. The rear seats will be closer to the back of the canoe. The front seats are closer to the center of the canoe to provide legroom for the front passenger.

Find the drain in the bottom or hull of the canoe. Drain holes are located at the back or stern of the canoe to allow air to enter the canoe.

Check to see if there is text beside your canoe. The direction of the lettering or the brand of your canoe will help determine which direction to face.

I hope you are not confused anymore about the front and back of the canoe.
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