Having trouble using your VR headset today? Here's what to do.

Can't Reach Oculus Runtime Service? A fix is on the way.

Are you locked out of your Oculus Rift? There's a pretty decent chance you have, and now its Windows-based virtual reality headset is totally unusable.
can't reach oculus runtime service

How to fix it

• Right-click on the clock, likely located in the lower-right hand corner of your Windows desktop
• Select adjust date/time.
• Uncheck set time automatically, then click Change.
• Set your computer's time and dateto a few days in the past.

Why does that work? Most likely because Facebook failed to update the Oculus Rift software's security certificate, which Windows uses to tell whether programs are legitimate. You know, instead of being spoofed by a malware company or something.

But that's also why it's risky to set your Windows system's time to a date that's already past. So maybe wait for the official fix instead?

source cnet.com