Fortnite Battle Royale: Best Areas to Land to Find Loot

In Fortnite Battle Royale, locating chests can often determine your odds of earning a Victory Royale. Loot chests are scattered all over the map and contain worthwhile loot, like weapons or crafting components. Chests might be difficult to find, unless you understand where to look. At times you can even locate several chests inside a single location. This guide will clarify the best places to look for loot chests and exactly where to land in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

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Tips for Discovering Chests in Fortnite Battle Royale

Search High and Low - Chests in Fortnite are often hidden behind walls inside attics or basements of buildings. If you come across an un-looted building in Battle Royale, be sure you search from top to bottom for any chests, weapons, or loot.

  • Appear for Wall Cracks - As we pointed out, chests are typically hidden behind walls in Fortnite. However, some walls have small cracks in them, indicating that one thing may be hidden behind it. Use your pickaxe to mine and destroy any cracked walls to uncover hidden rooms and passages.
  • Listen Cautiously - Chests in Fortnite have a tendency to make a faint ‘twinkling’ sound and give off a slight glow. When you enter a building, listen meticulously for the sound of chests and try to track them down prior to other players do.

Best Chest Locations & Landing Zones in Fortnite Battle Royale

1. Southwest of Pleasant Park

To the southwest of Pleasant Park is a multi-level house surrounded by a circle of trees, which is easy to spot on the minimap. This house typically contains a few chests, along with some weapons and resources.

The best way to get to this house is by landing on it from the Battle Bus using your glider. Alternatively, if you end up at Pleasant Park, just start heading southwest and look for a house encircled by trees. Search the attic first, as there are often a couple chests here. Afterward, head downstairs and appear for a crack in the wall behind the staircase. Break down the wall with your pickaxe to reveal a secret room, which generally contains another loot chest.

2. Tower Northeast of Wailing Woods

Northeast of Wailing Woods near the edge of the map is a tall tower overlooking the water. Drop from the Battle Bus as closely as you can to the tower. If you’re lucky, you might be able to land at the top, where the best loot is typically located. Break through the roof to reveal a hidden loot chest at the very top of the tower, or make your way up by building a ramp if you started at the bottom. If there’s no chest, be sure you search the upper area for Legendary or Epic weapons instead.

Check the other rooms in the building, and make confident to listen for that twinkling sound we mentioned earlier. Behind a set of stairs on the second floor, there should be a chest hidden within a secret area behind the wall.

We've circled each of the best chest loot places talked about in this guide to help illustrate exactly where to land in Fortnite Battle Royale.

3. Barn East of Retail Rowe

In Fortnite Battle Royale, there’s a yard to the east that contains a barn full of loot. This location is the small fenced-in plot of buildings on the east side of the map, just east of Retail Rowe and southwest of the Lonely Lodge. The main building of this lot is a big red barn, which is where you’ll have the best chances of locating numerous chests and loot.

There’s no entrance, so you’ll have to break your way into the barn using your pickaxe. Make your way to the rooftop either by gliding onto it from the Battle Bus or by building a ramp from the ground level. Swing your pickaxe to bust through the roof and loot the goodies in the upper floor. Make sure you search the area for other weapons and resources as well.

4. Greasy Grove Gun Shop

In Greasy Grove, there’s a large building with a dark rooftop that typically contains numerous chests. Considering it’s inside a city center, you’ll need to approach with caution in case other players beat you to the location. If you act fast, you should be able to land at this building straight from the Battle Bus. In the main area of the building, there is an old armory counter labeled with “Guns” on the back wall. There should be at least one loot chest behind the counter. On the west side of the building, mine through the floor in the smaller room to discover a hidden room containing more chests.

Now that you realize where to find the best chest loot areas in Fortnite Battle Royale, you should be one step closer to achieving victory.
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