French Press Coffee Maker Parts

French presses brew coffee with out the want to get a coffee pot. They perform properly with loose-leaf teas at the same time. The coffee or tea brews inside the French press; then the plunger is depressed to extract both the flavor along with the grounds in the finished brew before pouring. The outcome is often a robust and flavorful cup of coffee or tea. See also Tips on how to Make French Press Coffee
French Press Coffee Maker Parts


Most French presses have glass carafes, even though plastic and metal forms are also readily available. Carafes vary in size, from single serving models to those created to hold enough liquid for four cups of brew. The carafes come in a number of shapes, including cylindrical varieties and these shaped like tea kettles. A handle and pouring spout support simplify the serving on the completed drink.

Plunger and Lid Assembly

The plunger allows you to strain the coffee or tea leaves from the finished brew. The plunger rod protrudes by means of the lid, where it's topped using a manage. At the bottom of the plunger rod is definitely the filter assembly. Move the plunger up and down with no removing the lid to filter the completed brew prior to serving.

Filter Screen

A fine mesh metal screen strains the majority from the leaves and grounds prior to serving. The screen have to be cleaned immediately after each use; otherwise grounds clog the mesh and stop suitable straining. Some French presses have two screens with varying sizes of mesh to additional help in removing as a lot of the grounds as possible. The screen will be the only part of the press that might require periodic replacement.

Structure Disc

The structure disc connects for the bottom of the plunger and holds the filter screen in place. It features a coiled wire about its circumference that holds the screen in place and prevents grounds from straining through the sides because the plunger is depressed. The structure disk is totally removable to supply easy access to the filter screen for cleaning.

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