How To Protect Your I Phone X

How To Protect Your I Phone X
It really is Really costly to obtain Apple's new phone repaired. Here's the best way to decrease your risk of harm in the first place -- and get more affordable insurance coverage. See also I Phone x Tips: How to Restart the iPhone X

Adding insult to injury, Apple charges a staggering $279 for iPhone X screen repair. It is more affordable than a brand new iPhone X, confident, but you understand what is more affordable nonetheless? Not breaking your iPhone in the first place.

Right here, then, are 4 methods to shield your investment -- like an insurance coverage choice that is much more cost-effective than AppleCare.

Place it inside a tough case

iPhones are beautiful, no doubt about it, so it appears practically criminal to place 1 inside a case. But that is what you've to complete for protection against sudden bursts of gravity (or sudden acts of butterfingers).

Add a screen protector

You can find tons of iPhone X-compatible screen protectors; 1 very rated selection will be the Anker Karapax, which gives dual-layer tempered glass. You will get a two-pack for $8.95. Pair this using a case and you have got superb -- and reasonably priced -- protection for the iPhone X.

Get a grip

You are able to uncover half a dozen of them. There is a secondary advantage to options like these: It'll be less complicated to operate your iPhone X one-handed. That is since the rear gripper lets your thumb travel edge-to-edge, one thing that is practically not possible with out it.

Buy insurance coverage

All of the main carriers offer you iPhone insurance coverage policies, but they are pricey. In most instances you are far better off with AppleCare, although Apple charges a hefty $199 for an iPhone X AppleCare+ policy. It delivers two years of protection -- which includes as much as two "incidents" of accidental harm. You will spend an additional $29 for screen repair, akin to a deductible.
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