How To Disable The Reverse Beep In A Toyota Prius

How To Disable The Reverse Beep In A Toyota Prius

When the Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle that blends gasoline and electricity, comes to a halt, the engine shuts off. This can cause drivers to forget that the car will move when the accelerator is pressed. For safety reasons, when in reverse, the Prius emits a beep that some drivers find obnoxious. If you wish to disable the beep of your Prius, please read the following instructions. This procedure only applies to Prius vehicles sold in North America.

  • To turn the car on, press the "Power" button. Either "IG-ON" or "Ready" mode is required.
  • To display "ODO" instead of "Trip A" or "Trip B," push the trip/odometer button until "ODO" appears on the dashboard.
  • Turn off the car.
  • Hold the brake and turn the car. Attend until the "Ready" light illuminates. Within six seconds, press and push pressure on the trip/odometer button for at least ten seconds.
  • Maintain the trip/odometer button depressed while shifting from "park" to "reverse" and back to "park." Release the button for the trip/odometer.
  • Confirm that the trip/odometer reads "b on." Press the trip/odometer button until "b off" appears on the display. The display "b on" indicates "beep on" and "b off" indicates "beep off."
  • Press the power button to turn down the car. Turn the car back on and into reverse to confirm that the reverse beep has been disabled.


  • If the 12-volt battery of the Prius becomes disconnected at any moment after you have disabled the reverse beep, the car will revert to its factory settings and the reverse beep will be enabled again. Repeat the steps above to re-disable it.
  • You cannot disable the reverse beep while a passenger or other object is occupying the passenger seat.


The reverse beep on the Prius exists to make driving the vehicle safer for you and others. Consider this carefully before deciding to disable it.

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