What to Add to Coffee to Make It Taste Better

We all know how to drink coffee; an espresso shot, some cream, and sometimes sugar. Plain. It's easy. But what if you're tired of the same old boring drink? Here's some unexpected ingredients to add to coffee to make it taste better.

what to add to coffee to make it taste better
18 Ingredients To Add to Coffee to Make It Taste Better

1. Cinnamon

In your coffee, you might want to add sugar to it. Cinnamon is a lot healthier than sugar because it has a lot fewer calories and can help your body fight off infections. It doesn't matter if you add a pinch of cinnamon powder or stir the coffee with a cinnamon stick. They both taste great.

2. Cardamom

This Turkish tradition gives your drink an exotic, flowery taste. Try this Middle Eastern and Indian spice. Add some cardamom pods to your pre-ground beans to try this Middle Eastern and Indian spice.

3. Mint

Adding a few fresh mint leaves to your cup of coffee adds a soft, refreshing touch. In the same way, peppermint oil will do the same thing. If you think of Peppermint Mocha, but without the chocolate (though we're not against adding a swirl of chocolate syrup for a caffeine-induced treat),

4. Cocoa Powder

Also, cocoa powder is great! This is for people who love chocolate. It's better not to watch your weight rise with sugary syrups. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder to your cup. It will add a rich, chocolatey flavor to your afternoon cup of coffee.

5. Salt

I brewed a bad pot of coffee and was too lazy to start over. Everyone has been there. But if you don't want to deal with the extreme bitterness of an over-brewed pot, add a pinch of salt to your mug.

6. Vanilla Extract

Instead of using syrups that are made with chemicals, look for natural extracts that have the same delicious flavors. Vanilla is our favorite, but hazelnut extract comes in a very close second for us, too. For an amaretto-like taste, try almond extract, or make your own mix of the three!

7. Ginger

The idea of putting ginger in your coffee sounds weird, but we agree with you. But if you like gingerbread cookies that aren't too sweet, you'll love this addition. Fresh ginger root or ginger powder can make your coffee taste like a caffeinated Christmas in a glass by adding a few slices to it. Then, have some graham crackers for a fun afternoon snack.

8. Espresso

Because once you drink Espresso shot, you can't go back. It's both mouthwatering and eye-opening to add this extra shot of flavor and caffeine to your drink.

9. Booze

Look in your liquor cabinet for another type of shot. Add a shot of booze to your coffee, whether it's Baileys, Jameson, or your favorite bourbon. This is a surefire way to make your coffee better. We suggest that you keep this addition for your late-afternoon cup.

10. Butter

The combination of bitter and creamy tastes great when you put a piece of butter in your drink. This might sound like a bad idea. There's a good chance you don't want to go overboard with the butter, though. Half a teaspoon should be enough to give your drink a new flavor.

11. Ice-cream

You can get an "affogato" by getting some vanilla ice cream with some espresso poured on top of the ice cream. It takes about two minutes to make and even less time to drink. Why not add your Americano or filter coffee with some ice cream? This is an Italian favorite that you can make any time of the day. All the sweetness you need will be added by the rich, creamy scoop. (Also, it will cool down a hot cup so you can drink it quickly.)

12. Honey

If you want to cut back on sugar or sweeteners, this is a good option. You may have found it. Honey has a lot of natural sweetness and energy in it, and it comes from the ground. Spanish lattes often have honey, milk, and a shot or two of espresso in them.

13. Lime and lemon

Fresh citrus flavors and the strong taste of coffee may not sound like a good match, but stay with us. We'll show you how. This well-known coffee is a lot more tasty than you might think. It's so good. To make your next drink even better, add some juice and even a little bit of peel.

14. Coconut milk:

Even if you're lactose intolerant or just want to try something new in your morning cup of coffee, coconut milk might be a good choice for you. Using this plant-based milk alternative is a low-calorie way to give your cup of coffee a little extra flavor. It's as sweet as it is rich.

15. Chocolate melted

You may have had mochas in the past, but you haven't had anything like this. Add the flavor of freshly melted chocolate to your coffee to make it taste even better and turn it into a truly wonderful drink. Coffee is usually best paired with a rich, dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa or more.But don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you.

16. Nutmeg

Nutmeg has a lot of earthy flavors and a little bit of sweetness, which makes it a good choice for people who like coffee. When you add a little nutmeg to your drink, it is a real treat. Add a single pod or two to get the right amount of flavor that you're interested in. (Oh, and this one smells so good!).

17. Egg

Adding an egg to your coffee may sound like a bodybuilder's trick, but it's a Scandinavian habit. This thick, sooty combination is made with raw eggs, coffee grounds, and water. The mixture is then cooked for three minutes in additional water. The coffee is then strained to remove the grounds and egg particles. The result is a gentle, amber-toned coffee that is less harsh and rich in nutrients.

18. Condensed milk

Condensed milk is widely utilized in many countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. With a spoonful or two of steamed milk, your coffee becomes richer, creamier, and sweeter. Vietnam uses condensed milk in coffee.


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