AirCraft PILOT MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner review

AirCraft Pilot Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with many interesting features, like dual brush design, spot cleaning, and an advanced navigational system.

Compared with Roomba or other robotic vacuum cleaners, AirCraft brand is relatively new. But for the performance is excellent for the price.

How the performance of AirCraft Pilot Max with the everyday task? is it able to cover a long carpet? How does it navigate? And all other question

AirCraft Pilot Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review


aircraft vacuums pilot max• The Pilot Max has twin brush blades. This allows for efficient cleaning of any type of floor – including carpets.
• It also comes with a side brush for cleaning corners and along the sides of walls.
• A daily schedule, so you can tell the Pilot Max to clean while you’re at work.
• The vacuum has a HEPA filter to reduce the release of dust particles and other allergens into the air.
• The remote control enables you to give the vacuum commands at a distance.
• The Pilot Maxis the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner produced by AirCraft.
• It designed to effectively suck up even tiny pet hairs.

Appearance and design

AirCraft Pilot Max appearance is like robot vacuum, have a circular design with over a foot round and 9mm deep. It looks good, with a white color scheme and futuristic appearance like most people expect from a robot vacuum.

It comes in two colors: the glossy black and white color. It has three buttons on top –auto, charge, and spot- in case you lose the remote control,

It can dock itself back to charge once its completed cleaning session.

AirCraft Pilot Max has 22,000 Mah battery, and about 60 min to 90 min battery life depending on the type of surface. Carpet surface will a lot more energy than on the wood floor.

Suction power and dirt detection

The power suction is enough to clean pet hair like from dog or cat. If you are pet owner it can help to vacuum regularly.

The Pilot Max has rubber and fiber brush bars. This combination will help to clean on all kind of surface.

It has spot cleaning function. When it passes a spot cleaning area, it will automatically increase the suction power. This more effective than drive in a random direction.

Navigation system

AirCraft Pilot Max has an advanced room mapping system called SLAM. This system will continually scan the room. Make an instant decision based on input from the external sensor to make sure there no missing spot to clean. It has an ultrasonic sensor to prevent collide to the wall or any other obstacle. But, you need to do floor preparation like remove clothing, phone charger, anything that may cause beeping from immobilizing drone.

Ease of use

Auto clean function. This is a single button that set the vacuum on a cleaning spree.

Scheduling function. You can schedule when to start cleaning while you are at work.

You can also use the remote control to set timer mode, speed adjustment, scheduling, spot clean and auto cleaning.


AirCraft Pilot Max is an excellent model that provides great value for the money. The advanced pathfinding, two brush design and ability to clean on any surface making it as close to a manual vacuum replacement as you’ll find in its price range.

There are physical limitations to cleaner bots, and you still need to empty the relatively tiny dust carrier, but overall they're becoming increasingly useful. If you've got a lot of stairs, or very complex room shapes with narrow passageways then a cleaner bot isn't for you, but larger open spaces are cleaned pretty effectively.

While it might not be perfect, the AirCraft Pilot Max is one of our top recommendations in the robotic vacuum category.

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