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Phiaton BT 100 NC Review

You will find extremely number of earphones available that club each of the delectable functions of wireless, Bluetooth and noise cancellation, and Phiaton has done just that. The Phiaton BT 220 NC includes active noise removal, Bluetooth 4.0, includes a smooth look and it is wireless, making it among the greatest in-ear noise cancelling midrange earphones presently. That is aimed at traveling pros who want to have excellent noise canceling with no breaking the financial institution. Phiaton manages that using the $150 BT 150 NC, all while offering quite good sound quality and comfort. See also Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Flying

Phiaton BT 100 NC Review

Phiaton BT 100 NC Review


Phiaton designed and constructed a solid pair of neckbuds like each and every other pair on the market. Even so, it has a solid weight and just the correct amount of versatility to fit close to various neck sizes. The retractable earbuds include on the clean, sleek search. Several of the controls, such as the power button, will be the regular fare, offering a satisfying click when pressed.

The earbuds themselves are about the finish of a retractable cable. While I have no dilemma with this method (I am much more accustomed to magnetic bud storage), I observed that the cords had been really brief.

When in, the buds keep a snug match. Not simply is this far more cozy, however it helps with passive sound isolation (apart from the active noise canceling, which I'll get to in the next segment). It's not also often that I can stand to keep earphones in for many hours, let alone not having to modify them over as soon as or twice.

Sound quality & battery life

If I had to point to the weakest element, I would say it was the bass, which lacks a bit of punch in heavier tracks. It is by no means a dilemma, though, and it is really the only true downside I could find in this aspect. Sound, whether in the form of music, games, podcasts, or audiobooks, feels rich and well-detailed.

Bluetooth (v4.2) performance was pretty typical, with a normal range. It supports aptX for better wireless quality. Wired audio over the Everplay-X system is definitely good. Sound quality over this system feels a bit richer, as you might expect, but that also depends on what audio files you're listening to. Streamed music, for instance, sounded similar over both wired and wireless.

Phiaton's real pride is the 95% noise canceling, something you don't usually see around this price point. The noise canceling was so good, in fact, that I felt anxious about not being able to hear much of anything around me (I tend to be certainly one of those hyper-aware people). Noise canceling does automatically turn off if you remove and retract one of the earbuds, which is a fantastic touch.

At an advertised six hrs, that is a major disappointment. Six hours isn't even a full work day for some people, and probably less than a week for most big city commutes. It's certainly worth noting that disabling noise canceling does allow the battery go an extra hour or two. Even so, that's still barely a work day for most people (not even a full one particular for me).

The battery life, while far too low, was consistent - six hrs plus or minus fifteen minutes was what I got on nearly each and every charge.


Employing Bluetooth four.0 technology, where it achieves up to 20 feet of connectivity before it’s severed. In addition, it attributes an NFC tag along the correct side on the frame, near the pause/play button, which makes the process of connecting it with an NFC-enabled device even easier! And finally, the Phiaton BT 100 NC features multipoint technology to offer simultaneous connection to two devices.


The BT 150 NC features a sleek and minimalist design and style, excellent comfort, extremely good sound quality, and fantastic noise canceling (at this price point). The Phiaton BT 100 NC blends a bunch of technology to give its $119 price point some needed value. Sure, its audio quality might just a smidgen below the other two headphones we’ve mentioned, but it undoubtedly features a rich arsenal of technology that the other two lack. Noise cancelling and NFC enabled are already two things in its portfolio that aren’t commonly featured in other comparable headphones - while its water and sweat resistance style is also another added perk that we appreciate.