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AKG N60 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

The AKG N60 are headphones firmly aimed at those that are out and about. They’re portable, light as well as function active noise cancellation, which helps to drown out ambient noise such as annoyingly loud conversations around the tube or the rumbling of a plane engine.

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AKG N60 NC Review

AKG N60 NC Review

Design and Comfort

The first thing you’ll notice when picking the AKG N60 headphones out of the box is just how light they are. Weighing 150g, they’re considerably significantly less bulky than the Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. They’re tiny too, which indicates they will comfortably fit inside the front pocket of a rucksack or weekend bag.

Probably the most impressive part of the design is how compact the headphones can grow to be. You can fold the ear cups and hinges inside on the body, shrinking them towards the very same size as a little bottle of water. They easily slip in to the small, zip-up pouch that’s included, with lots of space remaining for the bundled flight adapter, woven detachable cable with built-in mic and 3.5mm to USB charging cable.

The headphone jack and charging port are hidden away to help preserve that sleek profile. Both are situated around the left ear cup, exactly where you’ll also find the detachable headphone cable as well as the noise-cancelling switch. The headphone jack doubles because the port to charge the built-in battery that powers the active noise cancelling.

This brings us to one of several quite couple of criticisms we have about the AKG N60 headphones: the option in the USB port. This design does not usually click satisfyingly into location and so we’d have preferred AKG opted for any a lot more traditional-style USB connector.

Sound Quality

These are headphones that deliver full-bodied sound. Bass may be the crucial characteristic here, which excels in the mid-bass area. This can be complemented by the surprisingly smooth treble, which ensures vocals are not overpowered. While you could surely find greater clarity for the cost elsewhere, the N60s show sufficient finesse to ensure this won’t be an issue.

The sound stage is surprisingly wide for headphones of this size. Plug the N60s into a tablet or phablet to watch a film, and you’ll find them effectively suited for providing you that added sense of immersion. We played several films on Netflix through an iPhone and an iPad Mini, as well as the results have been very enjoyable.

But what about the noise-cancelling feature? Effectively, it is pretty wonderful. AKG employs active noise cancellation, applying its own proprietary technology to block out ambient noise. Fortunately, that is powered by USB, so even when the battery goes flat, you’ll nevertheless have the ability to take pleasure in your music in passive mode. Inevitably you’ll lose the noise cancelling, however the sound quality remains satisfyingly great.

Subsequent we took them on our everyday commute, and here also they performed superbly. Flicking around the ANC switch leads to blocking out each of the unnecessary chatter around you, but not to a level exactly where you miss any important announcements.


The AKG N60s offer almost everything you could want from a set of headphones to take on your travels. The noise-cancelling feature is impressive, and importantly, works without affecting audio efficiency. They benefit from a compact design and are comfortable for use on longer journeys.

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