Pros and Cons to Buy Lavazza Espresso Point EP850

Lavazza Espresso Point EP850
If you are a kind of practical person who love to enjoy coffee and looking for a simple to use as well as functional espresso machine, then Lavazza Espresso Point EP850 is definitely a must item for you to buy! This machine is equipped by a variety of features including water tank capacity and not to mention its reliable materials that will highly support your needs to enjoy a cup of coffee in a practical way. Below are several points consisting of pros and cons that you may need to consider before choosing Lavazza Espresso Point EP850 as your new kitchen family member :


- Functional and reliable material

Some of the best reasons why you should choose Lavazza Espresso Point EP850 are first, because the water tank capacity that can hold up to 1700 cc. next, this espresso machine also equipped with alumunium cup support grille and stainless steel body available with mass-colored abs finishings.

- Worth the price

You can buy this espresso machine only for $178.00. This price is definitely worth to buy compare to other Lavazza machines.

- offer wide choice for a variety of blends.

This espresso machine is perfect to create an excellent taste of espresso that also provides you with a wide option of other delicious hot beverages including preparing cappuccino.

- Simple yet Practical size

Last but not least, this espresso machine is surely an option to address your need in making espresso anywhere with electricity. Since it has perfect size (15.2x12.9x9.1 inches) and weight (12,6 pounds) to put and carry.


Manual operation

Having all perfect options to create an excellent taste of delicious hot beverages is definitely your best reason to buy this machine. However, it can not be deny that this machine also has another consideration before you buy. One of the minus factors that this machine has is related to the manual instruction to do the overall espresso making process. Thus, the operator of this machine is required to pay continuous attention while he/she is making the drink. In addition, this espresso machine also not equipped with a dose metering. So, the operator is also required to push the button and need to watch the overall process until the drink is ready to serve. Otherwise, it will overflow or it may not give the right coffee flavor that you want.

All in all, those are several consideration including the pros and cons that you may need before choosing Lavazza Espresso Point EP850 as your new kitchen family member.