How to Work an Espresso Machine

How to use an espresso machine. If you are planning to diversify the beverage choices in your cafe or restaurant, then it is time you invested in an espresso machine. Espresso is actually a type of coffee that's finely ground and after that brewed using a modest amount of almost boiling water. Each and every shot of espresso consists of precisely the same amount of caffeine because the standard-sized cup of coffee, which leads to it getting a stronger taste. To offset the bitterness, milk might be added for the espresso to create common drinks like cappuccino, latte, and macchiato.

How to Use an Espresso Machine

Espresso Terms

If this really is your very first time operating with an espresso machine, then verify out the definitions of those well-liked espresso terms for clarification on a number of the phrases utilized all through our guidelines and video:

  • Crema - the light colored liquid that initial comes out even though extracting your espresso shot. Right after the darker espresso comes out and mixes together with the crema, the lighter liquid filters as much as the best, leaving a tan-colored layer on leading on the darker espresso.
  • Group head - the metal disc-shaped piece of an espresso machine that the portafilter locks into. This can be also exactly where the hot pressurized water is distributed to make an espresso.
  • Portafilter - a manage that characteristics a filter basket exactly where you location your ground espresso beans. That is also exactly where the water in the group head runs by means of.
  • Pulling a shot - making use of the machine to make a shot of espresso. This phrase is really a reference to older instances when baristas had to pull an actual lever in an effort to generate a shot.
  • Purging the steam wand - makes it possible for steam to exit the wand, which assists to get rid of any residue and heats up your wand.
  • Tamping espresso grounds - compacting your espresso grounds into your portafilter. This aids the pressurized water extract a lot more flavor from your grounds given that there will not be any cracks and crevices for the water to pass by means of.

Step by step on how to use an espresso machine

  1. Detach portafilter and wipe clean to eliminate any leftover residue.
  2. Employing an espresso bean grinder, dispense your freshly ground beans into your portafilter.
  3. Level the grounds within a circular motion. Make sure to take away any crumbs lingering about the edge.
  4. Evenly tamp your grounds.
  5. Re-attach the portalfilter for the group head.
  6. Right away start brewing into an espresso shot glass.
  7. Maintain an eye around the time it requires to attain your preferred volume of espresso.
  8. Pour the shot into an espresso cup.
  9. Spot the cup on a saucer using a spoon and serve.


  • Make certain your portafilters are locked in to the group head just before use in order that they may be often hot when pulling a shot.
  • Just before you re-attach your portafilter, you need to purge the group head to run out any lower-temp water that might be resting in your water line.
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