Driving At High Speed Tips

Driving straight at higher speeds tips

Situations show up faster at higher speeds. In this lesson you’ll look at what very good drivers do when they’re travelling at higher speeds.

Driving At High Speed Tips

Exactly where to look when you’re driving at higher speeds

When you're driving quickly, you've less time to react and your car responds differently. Because of this, driving at higher speeds increases the chances of getting a crash.

Following distance and positioning your car at high speeds

The best way to remain secure whilst you are driving at higher speeds is to leave a buffer of space around your car.

Driving around curves at higher speeds

Several high speed crashes come about when drivers make a mistake and shed handle on curves. Right here are some tips to assist you remain in manage.

Controlling your speed around curves

Driving around curved roads at higher speeds takes ability as well as a cool head. You might have much less reaction time and your car will manage differently.

Positioning your car around a high-speed curve

As a way to take a curve safely at high speeds, you need to think about the position of one's vehicle - both as you approach the curve and as you move by means of it.

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