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Do Electric Cars Have Gears?

How do electric car transmission systems work? Does it have an auto or manual gear idea like gasoline automobiles? As an electric motor can run in any speed (slow), is it necessary to possess a clutch?

electric cars transmission
Electric cars could be carried out diverse techniques, but I will describe the Nissan Leaf, considering that it really is one of several correct electric cars available on the market today (not a hybrid gas/electric).

The Nissan Leaf doesn't use a standard automatic or manual transmissions. It utilizes a single speed reduction gear using a final drive ratio of 7.9377. The motor itself can spin at ~10k rpm. This offers the Leaf a top speed of around 94MPH.

In case you had been questioning why a purely electric vehicle doesn't require a "regular" transmission, but instead makes use of the single speed reduction gear, the reason is two fold:

  • It does not need one particular: Common gasoline (petrol) engines have a very narrow torque band. This calls for varying the gearing (with a number of gear ratios) to allow the engine to carry out effectively and propel the vehicle down the road with some amount of respect. Electric motors develop torque all through the RPM range. They're able to create a large volume of torque from 0 RPM practically each of the way by way of to their maximum RPM (whatever that's for a person motor). Given that nearly the entire RPM range for the motor produces usable torque, there's no need to have for any transmission. Since the motor can create torque from 0RPM, there is certainly no need to have for any clutch, either.
  • Simplicity: A multispeed electric vehicle transmission would add weight, complexity, friction, and inefficiency to an otherwise basic system, in fact robbing the powertrain of torque, power, and efficiency.

Another instance may be the Tesla Model S. It makes use of a single speed stepdown transmission (if you want to call it that) with a ratio of 9.73:1. Even with this, the motor is completely capable of propelling the car at 130MPH and going from 0-60MPH in ~4 seconds. No need to have to get a multispeed transmission there, either.

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