7 Car Accessories That You Should Avoid

We all love our cars and want to make it better with the latest accessories. Actually, your car represents you if you really are a car enthusiast. Making modifications to the interior and exterior and adjusting your machine to your liking does indeed give its own satisfaction. But while doing all this, you need to know which accessories are dangerous and should be avoided. There are many additional accessories for the car that are completely unnecessary. See also 7 Car Gadgets That'll Make Driving So Much Easier

Here's a list of 7 items Car Accessories That You Should Avoid

1. Body kit

unnecessary body kit

It is very common for people who want to have a body kit for their car. But there is a difference in desire and really going for it. If your car is power-beast, you can easily go but for a car that is not made for accessorizing and such additions, it is best to avoid it. This can cause problems with suspension, steering angle and also on wheel movement.

2. Spoilers


This is again true for majorly sports cars. For an average car, there is no need for spoilers because it does not follow the speed type for the spoiler. One that we get in local stores and that can be seen in many cars in most cities for the purpose of the show and is of no use to the car.

3. TV screen

TV screen

This is one of the most dangerous accessory accessories in their car for fun reasons. It is advisable not to install a TV screen in your car because it can distract the person driving very easily and dangerously for everyone sitting in the car.

4. Headlights are colored or masked

Headlights are colored or masked

There's no reason to modify your car to date, to be honest. Not only is it illegal but also very dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. By coloring the headlights or covering it, one of them really changes the pattern of the lights on the road. It is necessary to keep the base with a yellow bulb lamp on the Indian road.

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5. Ultra low profile tires

This also applies only to sports cars because most of the accessories mentioned above. This is the best on the race track considering vehicle suspension. But in a normal way, this is not only uncomfortable but also causes a lot of wear and tear very easily. Why it's to the car when it's not needed at all!

6. Glass film

Again, this is also illegal to use and should be avoided. But it's also very unsafe too, because it's best not to put it on the glass of your car!

7. Big Rims

Big Rims

We agree big rims look amazing on your car, but you also need to check its size. Very large rims are not really perfect for your car and should be avoided. If not, they rub with your wheel liner for every bump of your machine easily.
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