Which Is More Popular: NASCAR Or F1?

Which Is More Popular NASCAR Or F1

Formula 1 and NASCAR are motorsport's pinnacles. The two sports' popularity has been debated for years. NASCAR and Formula 1 are US-based and global, respectively.

Formula 1 has more racetrack spectators and TV/streaming viewers than NASCAR. F1 is the world's most popular motorsport. The US prefers NASCAR.

Fans and haters of both sports exist. Both sports are well-known and popular, though. Both NASCAR and Formula 1 have global audiences despite their differences.

Why is it hard to compare F1 to NASCAR?

Both sports are titans. Formula 1 is the top open-wheel racing series, and NASCAR is the top stock car oval series. Many criticize either sport, but the best racers in the world compete in both.

It's hard to compare their popularity because NASCAR is "unique" to the US whereas Formula 1 travels to many countries. This means Formula 1 has spectators all over the world, and although NASCAR may be transmitted to other nations, time zone differences make it difficult to watch the races live.

This "taints" our viewership ratings. Compare the number of spectators at each event's races. In the US, we can relate Formula 1 races to NASCAR events.

Fans of both sports are devoted. Many fans of one sport criticize the other. All racing fans know about both sports, and most follow the results even if they don't watch them live.

F1 vs NASCAR-The Numbers

Formula 1 returned to the U.S. In an infographic, Red Bull compared F1 with NASCAR. The infographic compared race attendance.

According to the graphic, the Daytona 500 had 182,000 fans. The greatest crowd for a Formula 1 race was 298,000 during the Australian Grand Prix.

Red Bull was the leading F1 team at the time, and they didn't race in NASCAR. The infographic could have been manipulated to make Formula 1 look more popular.

According to statistics, Formula 1 has a larger attendance than NASCAR. Formula 1 draws 4 million people each year, and NASCAR 3.5 million.

In 2019, F1 had 471 million global TV viewers. According to the same source, NASCAR had 2.92 million viewers in 2019. Formula 1 is watched worldwide, while NASCAR is largely in the Americas.

Time zone differences are a factor. NASCAR races are frequently in the early morning in European time zones, making it harder to gain viewers.

In comparison to On Level Ground

Luckily, we can compare the two sports fairly. With NASCAR predominantly in the US, it's hard to say which sport is more popular.

With Formula 1 back in the US, we can compare attendance and TV viewership of the two sports. ABC's 2019 US Grand Prix drew 861,000 viewers. In the same year, 2.2 million people watched NASCAR at TMS on NBCSN.

NASCAR is more popular than F1 in the US. This is environmental exposure. The lack of an American F1 driver affects the sport's popularity in the US.

Another factor is that US motorsport enthusiasts are more interested in NASCAR than Formula 1 races. This may be because they are unfamiliar with Formula 1's rules and format.

You'll always favor a childhood show. It's hard to learn a new sport. Since Liberty Media made Formula 1 easier to follow, the number of US fans has risen considerably.

Factors To Consider:

NASCAR is a US-based organization. It gets a lot of media and Hollywood attention. Talladega Nights is a popular NASCAR movie.

NASCAR movies have helped spread the sport's popularity. The dramatization has brought in new followers and helped enhance NASCAR's popularity.

If you're from the US or North America, NASCAR is probably your favorite sport (and vice versa with F1). This "environmental exposure" has a huge impact on which sport is more popular in different parts of the world.

NASCAR feels far away, so most of the globe watches Formula 1. If aired on TV, races are normally in a separate time zone. Most non-Americans have never seen a NASCAR race and don't know the format or rules.

FOM (Formula One Management) has been highly rigorous about third-party use of Formula 1 film for many years. If you couldn't watch live races, it was hard to see F1 videos on YouTube.

With Liberty Media taking over the sport, all that has changed. Formula 1 has become more 'entertaining' and active on YouTube and social media. Newer fans find the sport easier to follow. Some races are live-streamed on YouTube for free.

Netflix has helped bring in new F1 viewers. Drive to Survive follows several teams during a season. This series contains an aspect of Hollywood dramatization, yet it's still highly popular.

Formula 1 is less popular in the US because no American driver competes. HAAS hasn't brought in many new American fans. Some talented American drivers are on the rise, so we may see another F1 driver soon.


F1 is the most popular sport globally. Internationally, Formula 1 fans outnumber NASCAR fans based on attendance and TV watching. NASCAR is more popular in the U.S. It has more spectators and TV viewers than the U.S. and Mexican F1 races.

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