How To Program A Toyota Prius Key Fob

How To Program A Toyota Prius Key Fob

Perhaps Prius ownership should be labeled BK and SK, similar to how years were formerly labeled BC and AD. BK applies to all Prius Generation II models with black key fobs. SK applies to Prius models with Smart Key System (SKS) capabilities. BK owners, have courage: EBay and the Internet have enabled do-it-yourself fob replacement. It requires two steps: the first is to turn on the Prius, and the second is to operate the doors.

Starting the Prius

  1. Insert the existing key fob into the slot on the dashboard, then remove it. This sequence should be repeated three additional times, for a total of four "in/out" sequences. Insert the fob once more and leave it in place.
  2. Open and close the driver's door six times altogether.
  3. Remove the previous key fob from the slot. Currently, the Prius is in fob programming mode.
  4. Insert the new fob and leave it in the slot. Observe the flickering red dashboard light. When the blinking light stops and goes out, the new fob has been programmed.
  5. Remove the new fob. Test both fobs to check their functionality.

Programming Door Lock/Unlock

  1. Open the unlocked driver's door of the Prius. (It makes no difference if the other doors are unlocked or not.)
  2. Insert and remove the existing fob twice within five seconds from the dashboard slot.
  3. Close and open the driver's door twice, and then remove the old keyless entry remote.
  4. Once more, insert and remove the old key fob.
  5. Repeatedly close and open the driver's door twice.
  6. Insert the old key fob into the slot, then close the driver's door and enter the Prius.
  7. To turn off the car, push the power button without hitting the brake pedal, wait one second, press the power button again, wait another second, then press the power button a third time. Wait a second, then hit the power button again, wait a second, and push it once more to turn the car off once more.
  8. Open the door, exit the Prius, and remove the previous key fob from its slot. The "add mode" is now active. (The Prius should automatically lock and unlock the doors twice to make sure "add mode" is on.)
  9. Press and hold both buttons on the new key fob for a second and a half simultaneously. Within three seconds of releasing the buttons, only the lock button should be pressed. The Prius should lock/unlock the doors in response. This confirms the new fob's functionality.
  10. To exit programming mode, open the door or insert a key fob into the slot. Toyota Prius


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