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How to Melt Snow on the Lawn

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While the first snowfall of the year may be gorgeous, it rapidly turns into a gray mess on your lawn and makes leaving your driveway difficult. Instead of shoveling snow into enormous piles that won't melt until April, use various strategies to quickly melt snow on your lawn. Some cheap snow melting methods can be messy.

How to Melt Snow on Your Lawn

  1. Shovel snow into sunny sections of your property. If the snowfall was light, the sun should have melted it without your help.
  2. To melt snow quickly, apply sand, which absorbs moisture and gives traction. While sand won't hurt your lawn like rock salt, runoff can cause mounds. Clean up sand accumulation to avoid mounds and clogged storm drains.
  3. Use an electric ice-melting outdoor blanket on your lawn to quickly melt snow without creating sand heaps. These blankets can be used to thaw frozen pipelines, motors, and equipment. Follow the manufacturer's directions to remove snow quickly.
  4. Spread kitty litter to avoid refreezing and offer traction if more snow is forecast, especially if no bright days are expected.