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How to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Camping Trip

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Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. What about taking a camping blanket? Should you choose wool, or a down puffy blanket, or a cotton one? We'll answer a few frequently asked questions so you can decide which is best for your next camping trip.

How do I make camping more comfortable?

A good sleeping mat is key. Something with good insulation that is easy to inflate is perfect. A camp blanket is also a wonderful addition and brings the best of home comforts to the outdoors. It's not always necessary to tote a dedicated camp chair along. Bring some lush pieces from home, like your sheepskin stones, or a sheepskin rug placed just inside your shelter for feet on chilly mornings.

How do you stay warm in a tent?

A camp blanket can provide additional warmth when placed underneath, or on top of, your sleeping bag. Woolen products are a top choice for outdoor adventuring since this amazing natural fibre has so many incredible qualities. A temperature rating that accounts for the lowest night time reading will serve you well; merino wool and synthetics like fleece, which trap body heat, are good options.

How can I increase the warmth of my sleeping bag?

A liner is a handy piece of gear that acts like a sheet inside your sleeping bag and bumps up the temperature rating. 

There are numerous liners and materials. So here's a quick list:

  • Merino: ou can never go wrong with wool, in any form! A merino liner will add extra insulation, trap heat, breathe well, and provide excellent comfort.
  • Cotton: The fabric is soft on children's clothes. It's okay for warmth, but bulky-perfect for car camping.
  • Silk: A soft, opulent liner that adds a few degrees to your sleeping arrangement while keeping it clean.
  • Microfibre: Like natural materials, many microfibre liners incorporate hollow core fibres to trap your body heat, increasing the temperature rating of your bag by several degrees.

Do you need a blanket with a sleeping bag while camping?

A camping blanket is a fantastic camping gear that may boost the warmth of your bedding while also adding a luxurious aspect to your outdoor experience. Also, depending on your choice, it can keep you warm when sipping your coffee on a cold camp morning or warm your chair over the fire.

What is the best blanket for camping?

The best camping blankets are easy-to-care for and resistant to dirt and dampness.

Not all camping blankets are made for outdoor use; your favorite sheepskin wrap from home might be used instead. The best camping blanket for you comes down to personal style and needs.

Woolen camping blankets are popular because they are breathable, water resistant, windproof, and dirt and dust resistant.

Consider recognized outdoor brands like Rumpl and Kelty for synthetic (fleece) and down/feather choices. The Kelty Bestie Blanket has been hailed as one of the greatest camping blankets available. It's a small, lightweight synthetic puffy blanket that stuffs easily.

If, like us, you prefer natural materials, a woolen blanket is definitely your best camping blanket option. It can be a sheepskin, a felted type, or a merino alternative.