Americano vs Latte: Whats The Difference?

Americanos and lattes are both ordinary drinks based on espresso, but the comparisons cease. If you do not know the multiple variations or have not tasted one or the other, let us introduce you. You will be able to order your dream coffee shop confidently until you know the difference.
Americano vs Latte

What is an Americano?

As mentioned earlier, espresso is the drink's base. You've applied hot water, so you've got an Americano. This is the classical version, but it is iced or sometimes added with milk and sugar. Americanos have a good expresso flavor and are the preference for people who have the audacious taste.

What is a Latte?

The base of this drink is again espresso. But steamed milk is added to it instead of water. It has also a thin foam surface layer. A latte is usually a hot coffee with a conventional expresso taste and smooth milk. However, it can be appreciated in different ways. It will come iced much like an Americano. Another way you can change is by adding spice such as tea, hazelnut, and cinnamon. 

Americano vs. Latte: the Differences

While both drinks belong to the espresso family both, there are more variations between an Americano and a latte than there are. They can be separated into three major differences.

1. Ingredients

There are various recipes for these cocktails. An Americano is made with hot water and espresso, a latte is prepared with espresso and hot milk.

2. Taste

An Americano tastes audacious and is much more concentrated than a latte. It can be sour as well. Lattes have together with the flavor of espresso and cream, which is much milder. They are also rich or creamy than an Americano cannot offer you.

The disparity of flavor will cause you to conclude that an Americano has more espresso. These two drinks are generally made with the same espresso content. That may differ from coffee to coffee so be sure to ask your barista whether you must have a better taste or more caffeine.

3. Texture

Americanos are watery, it's all gone. They are thin, giving them a distinct mouth texture to that of a latte. The steamed milk in a latte produces a velvety breath with a much more dense consistency.

Do you know what you'll order the next time you come to a coffee shop after talking about these two delicious espresso drinks? You might like the Americano intense, or you might want the smooth milky latte. Enjoy your espresso anyway!

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