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CoPilot RV GPS Navigation Review

CoPilot RV GPS Navigation Review

There are many road trip apps, but as any RVer knows, a road trip app and an RV app are extremely diverse factors! As well as the worst time to figure that out is when you are within the RV on a road having a low clearance bridge and no place to turn about. That is a nightmare!

We happen to be using the CoPilot RV app ($39.99, one time expense by way of Google Play - iTunes) for practically three years and It has saved us from a couple of low clearances and pricey RV roof repairs in that time.

copilot rv review

Using The Copilot Rv App

Do not wait till you are around the road to set up the CoPilot app! I created this error and employed lots of information downloading maps.

The very first thing you will do, following producing your CoPilot account, is download the map (or maps) you will want for your trip.

Following loading the map it really is simple to set a location, peruse route alternatives, and get an notion of driving occasions.

The Features We Liked Within this Rv App

CoPilot RV app shows points of interest like truck stops, campgrounds, restaurants, and RV solutions

We have located really a little to like as we’ve employed this app.

I believed it was really good that you could make use of the app beyond the RV- you can modify your mode of transportation to automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, or even walking- creating this a terrific app for exploring.

The Points of Interest (POIs) incorporated inside the app have been really helpful- specifically when hunting to get a place to fuel up, quit for any break, or if you just need to discover a little.

My husband really liked that the unit gave lots of notice prior to an exit to produce lane alterations - too as a notification that appeared in the leading to let you know which lane you needs to be in.

I loved that the downloaded map kept my information from ‘pinging’ - saving each my battery and my valuable gigabytes.

The Function We Want This App Had

Even though the app does list RV service centers, it will not list locations exactly where you can dump your tanks or fill your fresh water. That info will be specifically handy. (So I submitted that request by way of the ‘Submit a Map Improvement’ hyperlink in MyCoPilot settings.)

Preparing A Trip With Copilot Rv App

Starting a trip is simple together with the huge, blue ‘New Destination’ button. From there input the beginning point too as destinations.

Waypoints can simply be added, as well as the ideal route very easily selected.

I really like that you can zoom in and out around the map to add stops, verify climate, or even steer clear of a certain road. You can even run a route demo or view a turn by turn list or map. And when you are carried out the trip might be saved for future use. Handy!

Final Thoughts Around the Copilot Rv App

Although I nevertheless haven’t utilized all of the features within this app, it has established itself to become a roof-saver and worth the price.

Even though the $39.99 expense may possibly give some pause, it is useful to don't forget that it's a one-time charge; as opposed to GPS units, you will not must spend to upgrade.

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