The Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia are two examples on the very best of Italian espresso engineering. They're both classically developed machines using a excellent balance of handle and automation.

Both models are slim and compact and have countless attributes in widespread it may be challenging to distinguish which machine would be the far better choose to elevate your espresso routine.

Because of this we’re taking them head to head to find out if there’s one particular machine which has the edge in relation to wonderful tasting espresso having a fantastic user expertise.
rancilio silvia vs gaggia classic

Rancilio Silvia vs Gaggia Classic


Both the Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia are classic searching coffee machines using a chic brushed stainless steel finish. They consist of well-made portafilters and double-walled filter baskets for generating both single and double shots of espresso.

The Rancilio Silvia and also the Gaggia use a regular 58mm portafilter for their espresso baskets- they are just just like the ones you will discover in your favourite neighborhood coffee shop and are fantastic for attaining a smooth, constant coffee.

Both machines also function regular 15bar pump stress for optimal extraction, that is fairly widespread for these kinds of machines.

Neither supply a constructed in grinder to ensure that is definitely an accessory you will ought to acquire separately.

Both the Gaggia and Rancilio also come equipped with swiveling frothing wands for steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos.

As we noted within the introduction, both these machines are semi-automatic. This implies that you can manage the flow of water by means of your espresso handle together with the flick of a switch with no worrying about setting temperatures for steaming milk or creating coffee. You will nonetheless be hands on with grinding and tamping and monitoring extraction.


Commercial Grade

The Gaggia machine boasts commercial grade building all through the unit. The Rancilio does provide high quality exactly where it counts having a commercial-grade grouphead, but with commercial good quality on nearly all its components, the Gaggia has the slight edge.

If you are an individual who does not use their machine odailyften and only desires to produce standard espressos and ristrettos, commercial good quality may well not be an crucial function. But, if you wish to invest inside a machine that lasts, and you program to make use of your machine much more often, investing inside a commercial grade solution is going to be just that. An investment.

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir around the Gaggia Classic is considerably bigger than the Rancilio Silvia. The Gaggia can hold as much as 72 ounces of water compared with all the Rancilio’s quite tiny capacity of 12 ounces.

This implies that with all the Gaggia you will not be continually refilling your machine if you need to make successive cups of espresso, or make use of the hot water dispenser that is incorporated with this model.

Even though this is not as well considerably of a problem if you are within a a single espresso per day household, if you'll find a lot more that a few individuals utilizing the machine, or you need to make coffees for any group when you are entertaining, the smaller sized water capacity is actually a genuine issue.

Hot Water Dispenser

The Gaggia is developed to accommodate a lot more than just espresso or latte drinkers. Additionally, it gives a separate hot water dispenser for tea, or for whipping up an Americano. The versatility is really a good bonus along with a function that the Rancilio just does not provide.


The Gaggia Classic comes in at ten pounds much less than the Rancilio Silvia. This tends to make the machine much more mobile, which can be excellent if you are an individual who must shop their machine out of sight when they’re not utilizing it. Otherwise, it is not a significant consideration.

Solenoid Valve

This can be one more commercial function the Gaggia delivers that the Rancilio does not possess a response for.

The three way solenoid valve around the Gaggia Classic enables the stress among the espresso portafilter along with the machine to release instantly following extraction. You can find no excess drips of water that fall by means of onto the coffee inside the handle soon after the water has been flushed by means of along with the espresso created.

When you get rid of the handle, you are left having a dry puck of utilized grounds which is simpler to knock out in the handle just before its subsequent use. Wet pucks are a hassle to get rid of and normally make a mess on the machine.


The Rancilio Silvia has the edge when to comes to footprint. There’s a bigger water tank inside the Gaggia Classic and this shows inside the smaller sized dimensions from the Rancilio (9.two x 11.four x 13.three in comparison with 25 x 13 x 12 inches) So, despite the fact that the Gaggia would be the featherweight, additionally, it requires up a lot more space, which indicates if you possess a smaller sized kitchen space, this can be certainly anything to take into consideration.


In comparison towards the Rancilio Silvia, the Gaggia is really a steal. Consumers adore the machine’s durability, and its lower price point implies that there’s much less of an outlay for any good quality espresso.


Though most customers who go for a semi-automatic espresso machine typically desire to grind their very own beans and experiment with various bean roasts, occasionally comfort wins out.

In that case, ease of use as well as a rapid repair are a huge deal. Pods are a method to expedite the method and get a rapid cup when you require it.

The Rancilio is not compatible with pods appropriate off the shelf. Even so, you can purchase a conversion tool to create the Silvia perform with pods must you require the alternative. The Gaggia however is compatible both with pods along with the normal tamping and grinding of complete coffee beans.


Placing your espresso into a warm cup can assist the crema final just a little bit longer and extend the freshness from the espresso.

The prime deck on the Gaggia machine acts as a cup warmer to have your espresso cups and mugs prepared to obtain your espresso shot and hold it warm whilst you steam milk for any latte or cappuccino.


Even though both these machines supply some excellent attributes that may let you to experiment just like the ‘prosumer’ you are at house, the Gaggia appears to possess the edge right here.

Its lower price point combined with all the commercial grade elements within the machine make it a fantastic, value-for-money investment which will improve your brewing encounter. With functions just like the 3 way solenoid valve for any speedy transition in among cups and also the hot water dispenser, you get versatility inside the variety of distinct types of beverage you could make, and simply because the reservoir inside is so massive, you will not ought to continually best it up when you ought to make coffee for any crowd.

The Rancilio does possess the advantage of a smaller sized footprint even though, so you will must be certain your kitchen can accommodate the bigger Gaggia if you are going to take the plunge.