SleepPhones Vs Bedphones Which is Better?

If you are within the marketplace for any pair of quality sleep headphones, you have possibly encounter Bedphones and SleepPhones. They may be both properly loved by customers, but fully distinct when it comes to building and design, and style. This tends to make it especially tough to decide between the two, as they're rather distinct merchandise created for exactly the same goal. Within this Bedphones Vs. SleepPhones comparison, we shall concentrate on the way they both satisfy the demands from the people they may be designed for - folks who need to visit sleep with no listening towards the sounds of their bedmates snoring or the noisy celebration subsequent door.

SleepPhones Vs Bedphones

SleepPhones Vs Bedphones Which is Better?

Level Of Comfort

Both Bedphones and SleepPhones are comfy to put on during sleep. Even so, the distinction inside the level of comfort they supply is massive.

Bedphones will not be as well uncomfortable, but if you are a side sleeper, they're able to result in soreness behind the ear. Also, it truly is not specifically pleasant to possess the speaker pressed into your ear during sleep. They may be a superb decision for men and women who never ever sleep on their side, however, they are nonetheless not as comfy as we would like them to become.

However, SleepPhones consists of a headband that is certainly soft and pleasant and causes no discomfort, irrespective of what your sleeping position may be. They may even be essentially the comfiest headphones we've got had the likelihood to test. For that reason, if you are searching for maximum comfort, we've got to say that SleepPhones are a lot more probably to create your content.

Sound Quality

No matter which of those two sleep headphones you go with, you can typically get pleasure from rather higher sound quality. Nevertheless, there's a tiny catch. Whilst with SleepPhones, the quality in the sound remains unchanged in each and every sleeping position, with Bedphones, side sleepers need to cope with the unpleasant truth that the headphones are pressed into their ear, which leads to both discomfort and poorer sound quality.

Soundproofing Quality

Within this aspect, you will find no significant variations. Both brands of sleep headphones carry out as anticipated and let you hear only what you desire to hear. Consequently, as far as soundproofing is concerned, both Bedphones and SleepPhones are superb options.


Bedphones largely resemble ordinary headphones and their use isn't limited to sleeping only. SleepPhones are available in the kind of a headband, so they can be worn at the property, even though jogging or wherever you would otherwise put on a headband as an accessory. You also can put on them as a sleep mask, which is a rather beneficial function.

The firm even delivers RunPhones which might be specifically designed for operating and fitness and TellyPhones which are designed to let you listen to Television applications wirelessly, so you usually do not disturb your companion even though sleeping. Although Bedphones are as versatile as any other headphones, SleepPhones may have a lot more remarkable prospective utilizes.


With Bedphones, you usually do not have several alternatives to select from aside from corded and cordless and a variety of generations of those headphones. With SleepPhones, you can select from as numerous as ten alternatives, like but not limited to corded, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled, microphone-equipped.


We hope that this Bedphones Vs. SleepPhones comparison has helped you determine which of those two brands of sleep headphones will be the proper decision for you. They're both high-quality soundproofing options and boast various valuable characteristics. Ultimately, it all boils down to what you personally count on in the device. Nonetheless, if we're to speak generally terms, we would need to say that SleepPhones are much better at satisfying the demands of most customers.
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