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What To Wear For Winter Camping

Head, Face, and Neck

You likely won’t need every single square inch of your head and face covered while winter camping, but in case you plan on heading above treeline in cold, extremely windy conditions, definitely have the four essentials-liner balaclava, hat, face mask, and goggles (plus a good hood).

What To Wear For Winter Camping

Upper Body

You will initial want a super-comfy, warm, properly-fitting base layer. Then at least one mid-layer (two having a vest), and ultimately an outer layer. A large-fitting, extra-warm down parka can go more than every thing for maximum warmth. Fit is really crucial when you are layering garments; make positive your system works well with each other


Liner gloves and a few heavier, warmer handwear for going over them. Mitts are significantly warmer but compromise dexterity. Fit matters a good deal when it comes to finger warmth; attempt out several brands and designs.

Lower Body

When you’re moving, you'll seldom want anything more than a base layer and outer layer. Anything far more usually results in overheating unless it’s severely cold. In camp, a pair of puffy zip-on pants are genuinely good, specially since you can take them on and off without removing your footwear.


Liner socks and extra warm socks inside warm, insulated footwear. Contemplate employing vapor barrier liner socks for extended trips. You will need pretty rigid boots to wear most crampons, though more versatile traction possibilities are available. Gaiters are often required, specially in the event the snow is deeper than your boot-tops.