What is Feathercoin Coin?

What is Feathercoin Coin?

Feathercoin Coin is an open-source cryptocurrency , that is among the Altcoins. It has features related to Bitcoin and Litecoin , but has been enhanced with other advanced features. The peculiarity that results from Feathercoin Coin may be the NeoScrypt algorithm, which can now be utilised for mining . A Feathercoin Coin can currently be purchased at a price of $ 0.045067 per coin around the Bittrex, LiteBit.eu, Crytopia, BX Thailand, CoinExchange, BTER and Bittylicious digital exchanges. The company has market capital of $ eight,091,071, of which approximately $ 44,678 is invested every day in the currency (as of October 25, 2017). See also What is Ripple? A Short Explanation
What is Feathercoin Coin

Feathercoin Coin - The Cryptocurrency

Feathercoin is based on the classic cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin , but was technically advanced and formed into an individual software. The company wanted the blockchain to evolve to become accessible to absolutely everyone. The cryptocurrency is based on the NeoScrypt algorithm and has some features that many other currencies can not match. For example, Feathercoin is at present working on open source projects for ATMs and other point-of-sale gear. Also available are T-shirt wallets and laser-embossed physical Feathercoin coins. In addition, the company is working on Raspberry Pi projects.

Miners can use the software NSG Miner, SGMiner and Miner-X or the pools Give-Me-Coins, Mining Pool Hub along with the Blocks Factory for mining. You'll find 336 million coins in total. The block time is one minute and also the reward is 80 coins per block. The reward is halved in every single case right after two,100,000 blocks.

Feathercoin Coin - The Company

Behind Feathercoin Coin would be the inventive genius Peter Bushnell, who as soon as ran the IT division of Oxford University’s Brasenose College. In 2011, he came across the crypto-currency Bitcoin for the initial time, but swiftly came to believe that some members from the Bitcoin neighborhood have been extremely arrogant. So he came for the cryptocurrency Litecoin, the largest alternative currency amongst the cryptocurrencies. He liked the fact that Litecoin was the “underdog” and decided to invest within the currency and to cope with it far more closely. More than time, his own construct resulted from it: Feathercoin.

Even though this currency is based on Bitcoin and Litecoin, Bushnell seeks to enhance those currencies. His vision is always to possess a cryptocurrency that operates inside the mass market. Therefore the projects with ATMs and physical coins. He tries to create his currency accessible to everybody. Bushnell sees clear benefits in that, because of the low transaction costs, merchants have less of a burden on their customers to pass on, to ensure that the client can also take advantage of it. Meanwhile, more and more dealers use Feathercoin Coin, which can make their offer you cheaper by means of the low transaction charges inside the long run.


Feathercoin Coin is an alternative cryptocurrency committed to improving other cryptocurrencies and supplying the neighborhood with true value. By developing the NeoScrypt algorithm, the developer of the currency has been in a position to totally redevelop it.
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