How to get the Galaxy S9 wallpapers on your phone

Maybe you're long overdue for an upgrade, you can't afford the staggering price tag or you don't feel its a strong enough upgrade to trade-in your current phone. Either way, it's sometimes hard not to get the smartphone blues when a new version of a phone is announced, especially when rumors about it have gradually built to a crescendo over the past several months.

Galaxy S9 wallpapers

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Fortunately, the S9 is donning some pretty snazzy wallpapers and applying one to your Galaxy S8 might be enough to hold you over or forget about the minute differences between Samsung's new phone and your year-old phone. There are 19 new wallpapers to choose from. One is the dandelion wallpaper featured in much of the promotional material for the S9 (which shows off the pure black of the OLED display), four color gradients with a centered 9, five plain color gradients and nine geometric art gradients.

You might be wondering how you can you get your hands on those already. Samsung-focused tech site, SamMobile, got some hands-on time with the Galaxy S9, and managed to snag the wallpapers and upload them to a public Google Drive folder.

All you need to do is point your browser to SamMobile's landing page for the Galaxy S9 wallpapers where you can download them individually.

If you'd rather get them all at once, click the Download button near the top of the page to download a ZIP (it's about 57MB) directly to your phone. Or you can grab them from the Google Drive folder, where you can also download a ZIP or add them to your Drive.

If you download a ZIP directly to your phone, you will need a file manager app, such as Mobisystems File Commander or ES File Explorer to extract the ZIP. Once extracted, apply the new wallpaper as you normally would -- either by navigating to it in the Photos app or by long-pressing in an empty area on the home screen.

[Via cnet]
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