WhatsApp appears with several new features due to its users. The present ones include adding a front flash for low light selfies, capacity to transmit GIFs plus much more.

However, there are particular features which are making existence challenging for the WhatsApp users using one of the pair of could be the 'Last seen' on WhatsApp.

Because the final seen option was available, several customers claim to obtain a quick rise in occurrences of quarrel and misunderstandings. Well, there is a option to cover your last seen while not all users seem to become happy with it.

WhatsApp Last Seen

The disadvantage in the hide last seen choice is whenever you hide your last seen, you will be not able to talk to your contacts last considered well, which is not quite acceptable with the users.

To combat these last seen issue, listed below are 6 quick steps for WhatsApp users to make a fake WhatsApp last seen, and fool their contacts. Well, you may even go to your contact's original last seen with these steps. However, this can be relevant only on Android devices. See also How To Block a Phone Number In Android Phone

6 Step To Create a fake Last seen

Before start of creating a fake Last seen, copying all the chats is important. This can be how one can create a backup from the chats: Open WhatsApp> Visit settings> chat settings> backup conversation. The process typically takes a few seconds.

When you create a backup, necessities such as steps you need to follow to make a fake WhatsApp Last seen.

  1. Download and install the GBWhatsApp Apk app inside your smartphone.
  2. GBWhatsApp Apk can be a modified form of WhatsApp that is needed to replace the current original WhatsApp version to freeze their last seen.
  3. Following a installing the app, open the GBWhatsApp Apk app icon and tap on Menu.
  4. You will notice a long list of alternatives on your mobile screen, pick the first Privacy tab.
  5. Under privacy, select Hide Online Status option.
  6. If you tap around the Hide Online Status option, the modded form of WhatsApp will record that timing, which timestamp look because the last seen to all or any your contacts.

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Create Fake Last Seen Using GBWhatsApp Apk

Installing GBWhatsApp Apk app inside your mobile device not only enables you to definitely fake your last seen, but furthermore allows you to perform other available choices. The features include from the app include Blue Ticks, Second Tick, Writing Status, Recording and Blue microphone that an individual can personalize their existence, without any hassle. See also How To Record Your iPhone’s Screen