How to Attach a Spray Skirt to a Kayak

Attaching a spray skirt to a kayak can be a chore that beginners and even much more knowledgeable paddlers wrestle with under the wrong conditions. When the paddler has place on their spray skirt and issitting in the kayakwith the rear of the skirt connected, the hard work starts. They should pull and attach the remainder of the skirt. Here are a handful of methods, tips and watchouts for attaching your spray skirt to your kayak.

How to Attach a Spray Skirt to a Kayak

Method for Attaching a Spray Skirt

  1. Grab the spray skirt on each side in front of you towards the front of the cockpit. Pull and stretch the spray skirt from both sides. As it stretches try to maneuver the skirt so that it grabs the cockpit combing as it moves up the cockpit. Also, as it stretches slide your hands whilst maintaining your grip on the skirt up towards the grab loop. You ought to get to a stage the place your hands are each at the front of the spray skirt. Try to get the tip of the spray skirt above the tip of the cockpit coaming.
  2. If the spray skirt is also tight to pull from the sides towards the front you can pull from the grab loop. The grab loop of the spray skirt is as at the tip. With the back of the spray skirt secured take hold of the grab loop with both hands and pull it up to the tip of the cockpit. Attempt to get it over the tip of the cockpit. You could want to adjust the back again at this level push the sides in excess of the edges of the cockpit combing.
  3. If both of the initial two methods did not work you will need to have to do a combination of each. The dilemma is that the tighter the skirt will get pulled it desires to come off of the edges. You’ll want to hold the skirt on the back by some means while you work your way to the front. This can be done by holding the spray skirt on with a single hand and stretch with the other either from the grab loop or a side. An additional choice is to use your forearms to apply pressure to the middle of the spray skirt against the cockpit as your hands force the front above the front of the coaming.

Tips for Placing on Spray Skirts

The above three methods are certainly all variations of the identical issue. The notion is to wrap the spray skirt around the rear of the cockpit coaming and to stretch it around the sides and over the top of the front of the cockpit. Nevertheless, there are times when a spray skirt that is supposed to match, basically does not.
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