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Roomba Saves Family From Poisonous Snake

When thinking of robots of the future, we often imagine them as servants and protectors of humankind. In some ways, however, we're already at that point. The Roomba automated vacuum cleaner does a job of a servant by cleaning our living space – and now one brave Roomba has served as a protector of a family (inadvertently).

Roomba Saves Family From Poisonous Snake

Efi Frida, 39, turned on her Roomba before leaving the home. Upon her return, she found that the little machine was stuck and beeping. Upon closer inspection, she discovered a small viper had been wound up around the cleaning wheel and suffered multiple head injuries. Here's what she found:
Roomba vs. Snake

The snake was a Vipera palaestinae, which is venomous and native to the region. While this was certainly a case of bad luck for the snake more than it was due to a Roomba's heroics, Efi Frida with her husband, two kids, two cats and two dogs avoided a possible lethal snakebite.

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