How to Keep Bugs out of Your Tent

No one wants to share their tent with bugs. If you are certainly one of those individuals that are extremely afraid of bug, obtaining them in your tent could turn your a camping trip into some thing out of a horror movie. Listed here are some tips on how you can keep bugs out of your tent.

How to Keep Bugs out of Your Tent
Ahead of you go camping, set up your tent and give it a thorough inspection. Are there any places in the tent that bugs could use to get in-such as smaller holes or places that don’t totally zip? If that's the case, repair these areas. Patch any holes you locate, no matter how tiny they may be. If you have a zipper that is certainly snagged, try lubricating the zipper to find out if it releases.

When it comes time to pitch your tent at your campsite, keep away from places which can be prone to have bugs, such as close to standing water, beneath trees, or around utility light poles.

Don’t consume or drink inside your tent. Smells attract bugs as well as a great deal of bugs enjoy food crumbs. If you have to shop meals in your tent, that's fine. Just ensure that it’s in air tight containers.

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Do what you can around your campsite to produce it unattractive to bugs. The fewer bugs that gather around your campsite considerably reduces the chances of them going into your tent. Do not keep bags of trash around your campsite. Either burn it or take it to a dump station. Keep all of your pots, pans, and cooking utensils clean and shop your meals away in air tight containers. It is only a provided that if you leave a half eaten pan of peach cobbler or BBQ ribs laying around the table, you will attract bugs-and maybe even a wild animal or two.

Bugs are attracted to light. Keep all of your camping lanterns away from openings in your tent. If you are taking a flashlight inside your tent, keep it off until you are safely inside your tent and the door is zipped closed behind you. You can use your flashlight in your tent, but know that your tent sides can be covered with insects.

As much as bugs really like light, they hate fire. If you wish to keep bugs at a distance, keep your campfires going 24/7 when you are camping. Just make sure there is a responsible adult watching it all instances. You should in no way leave a fire burning at your campsite even though you go off hiking or swimming.

Take along a superb provide of insect repellent and citronella candles. Many individuals swear by spraying the outdoors of their tents down together with the spray. If you can stand the smell, go for it. Other campers will hang garlic and onions on their tents as it is believed to keep bugs away.

Having a little arranging, you can keep bugs out of your tent whilst camping. If you are extremely afraid of bugs, taking these measures can make you really feel a whole lot greater. Although nothing at all is really a assure, these actions are certain to reduce down the likelihood that you’ll be sharing sleeping quarters with a creepy crawly, or flying, bug.
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