Types of Campsites

Quick Guide to Types of Campsites

Asking yourself what types of campsites are available in North America? The amenities that will be discovered at these sites? And which campsites are positioned inside your region or an area that you just would like to travel to? See also Campground Shower Tips

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Types of Campsites By Who Owns Them

Public Campsites-More plentiful than private campsites, these campsites are open towards the common public. Charges for use are typically significantly less than for private campsites as pricing is set having a massive selection of public use in mind. These sites could be discovered in places including:

  • National, Provincial, State, and Nearby Parks
  • National and State Forests
  • State Recreation Areas Which includes Preserves And Beaches
  • Bureau of Land Management Sites
  • U.S Army Corps of Engineers Project Regions
  • Limited quantity of U.S. Wildlife Refuge Locations

Private Campsites-These campsites are positioned on private land and are made available for use by these landowners and/or businesses. You are going to locate private campsites/campgrounds that span the range with regards to amenities from minimal to extravagant. These sites could be found in areas for example:

  • Beaches
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Meadows
  • Desserts
  • Vineyards
  • Working Farms

Types of Campsites By Access

Drive-Up/Car/Established/Frontcountry Campsites-Known by many different names, these campsites allow you to pull up to or near them to unload gear. They are typically in marked locations cleared for camping.

You might often locate concrete or wooden tent pads to location tents on. Frequent amenities located in these sites consist of fire rings and picnic tables. See also Best Camping Tents

Also, depending on the website, you could have access to a faucet and bathhouse. If a bathhouse having a flush toilet is just not available, a vault toilet (feel outhouse-style) will probably be available.

Some of these campsites will likely be situated near facilities that offer recreation add-ons like swimming pools and lodges with board games, pool, Foosball, and more. Additionally, you may sort horseshoe pits, mini golf, fishing equipment rental, and snack bars.

Backcountry/Primitive Campsites-These types of campsites require hiking in to attain them. Often primitive campsites is going to be located close to civilization as well as other instances they will be positioned miles in the nearest town or ranger’s station.

Bathroom facilities will be non-existent, requiring the shovel and hole method. Gear is restricted to what could be backpacked, boated, or brought in with the help of animals such as horses.

If you fancy oneself a lot more of a “glamping” camper, these primitive sites may not appeal to you. See also 11 Tips On How To Camp In The Rain
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